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Oops, I Leaked: Tales of Incontinence

Gotta go all the time? Worried you'll wet your pants if you laugh too hard? You may be suffering from mild incontinence, and you're not alone.

Treatment Options for Mild to Moderate Incontinence continued...

After having three large babies -- all weighing more than 9 pounds -- in less than four years, 37-year-old Laura Jackson of Stevensville, Mich., experienced stress incontinence. 

"I struggled with the condition until I spoke to my doctor, who recommended a surgical procedure called the Monarc Subfascial Hammock by AMS. I've had great success with it. I am an amateur triathlete and was really bothered by my incontinence prior to surgery. Since the surgery, I have competed in seven triathlons. The [surgery] restored my self-confidence and commitment to exercise. It was truly life-altering." 

Experts and those managing their incontinence offer some additional tips:

  • Avoid common bladder irritants such as spicy food and caffeine.
  • Monitor your medications. Many pills can contribute to incontinence and some prescribed medications can lose their efficacy. Talk to your doctor about changes.  
  • Use tampons during heightened physical activity. Up to 25% of elite female athletes experience incontinence. Tampons are cheap, effective insurance against an "accident."
  • Wear dark clothing. If you are struggling with leakage, darker clothing can camouflage an episode.  Keeping a change of underwear and/or pants can provide peace of mind. 
  • Use shields or pads. They aren't a cure, but they are useful in providing a measure of protection and confidence.


Reviewed on June 02, 2009

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