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Tips for Dealing With Overactive Bladder (OAB)

Here's help coping better with your overactive bladder.

12 Tips for OAB & Travel


  1. Are you a road warrior? While that caffeinated cola may keep you awake when driving, the caffeine can cause leaks. It may be time to cut back.
  2. Biofeedback may help control OAB. Talk with your doctor about this treatment option -- then perfect the practice on your next long plane trip!
  3. Traveling by air? Bring your medication, supplies, and insurance information in your carry-on bag -- in case you become separated from your luggage.
  4. When you travel, stay on the medication schedule you're used to at home, even though your routine while away may be very different.
  5. Traveling far and wide? Continue to follow the OAB dietary and lifestyle guidelines that work for you at home.
  6. On a whirlwind trip? Enjoy yourself without overindulging on foods and beverages that may aggravate your OAB symptoms.
  7. When traveling, remember to bring along enough medication to last your whole trip.
  8. Stash a little cash in your pocket when traveling. Next time you see a ";Customers Only"; sign on a restroom door, you can quickly become a patron!
  9. Did you know you can buy portable toilets to take along on trips? Try a little online research: Options vary in size and expense.
  10. Traveling awhile? It might be helpful to bring along your urologist's phone number, in case you have questions while away.
  11. Flying? Don't leave check-in to the last minute. Phone or go online early to book your seat -- increasing your chances of getting a spot near the restroom.
  12. Don't leave medication in your checked baggage when you fly. Guard against loss by bringing drugs and other vitals with you in your carry-on luggage.

Traveling offers new sights and sounds, a busy schedule, and the temptation to forget your normal routine. Enjoy your journey, but stick with the lifestyle and medication that helps you control OAB symptoms.

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