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Tips for Dealing With Overactive Bladder (OAB)

Here's help coping better with your overactive bladder.

12 Tips for OAB When You're Out and About

  1. Worried about leaks at the gym? A tampon or pessary (similar to a diaphragm) can offer support to pelvic tissues, helping you control leaks.
  2. Going out to a restaurant, grocery store, or shopping mall? Time your fluids carefully, and check bathroom locations as soon as you arrive.
  3. Eating out tonight? You may want to cut back on the cocktails. Alcohol can aggravate your OAB symptoms.
  4. Buy concert or sports seats near bathrooms. Cut liquid intake three to four hours before leaving the house. Once there, take a bathroom break before lines get long.
  5. A little embarrassed about going to the store to buy adult pads or briefs? Remember, you can order products easily online.
  6. Passionate about those jalapeno poppers at the local bistro? It may be time to go cold turkey -- spicy foods can stimulate the bladder.
  7. Reaching for the artificial sweetener when you order out? Such sweeteners may irritate your bladder -- increasing OAB symptoms.
  8. Have a lot to do today? Schedule in some rest breaks. Doing too much can overtire muscles -- leading to urine leakage.
  9. When you're out, don't forget scheduled toileting (emptying your bladder regularly to prevent leaking). This routine can help control OAB symptoms.
  10. OAB affects one out of every 11 people in the U.S. Look around you at the mall, the restaurant. You're not alone. Talk to your doctor; get help -- today!
  11. Always looking for a bathroom when you're out? Don't just accept OAB. Talk to your doctor -- infections and other problems can cause OAB symptoms.
  12. Think OAB isn't a valid medical condition? Not true! As many as 33 million Americans have OAB and help is available. Talk with your health care provider today.

Managing your OAB may be as simple as knowing which foods trigger symptoms, or resting during an eventful day. Coping with overactive bladder -- away or at home -- is in your hands.

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