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    Treating and Managing Male Urinary Incontinence

    Treating Male Incontinence

    From medication to lifestyle, here are the techniques you need to prevent, treat, and manage incontinence every day.

    Exercises, Lifestyle & Products: Treating Male Incontinence

    Can Kegel Exercises Help Guys?
    Doing kegels is one of the best ways for men to manage urinary incontinence. These fast facts can get you started.
    Which Incontinence Products Work?
    Don't mess around with things that don't work. We list the products that can help you take control -- and tell you where to get them.
    Is Medication Causing Your Incontinence?
    If you've got urinary incontinence (or it's getting worse) it may be time to take stock of your medicine cabinet. Here are four drugs to look for.
    Urinary Incontinence After Prostate Cancer
    Why do prostate cancer treatments cause urinary incontinence? What can you do to reduce incontinence?

    12 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Incontinence

    1. 1.What medications might help my urinary incontinence?
    2. 2.Does stress make urinary incontinence worse?
    3. 3.Can underwear or other products help manage urinary incontinence?
    4. 4.What foods might make urinary incontinence worse?
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