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    The Emotional Toll of Urinary Incontinence in Men


    Male Incontinence: Seeing a Doctor

    If you're feeling down or depressed about your symptoms, getting emotional support is crucial. But don't lose sight of a main goal: getting rid of your urinary incontinence.

    The stress or depression you feel has a very distinct cause -- male incontinence. If you can resolve the incontinence, the depression and anxiety may disappear overnight.

    "Men who get treatment for their incontinence are the happiest patients we see," says Wright. "They bloom. They're alive again."

    Experts agree that, no matter what the cause, the vast majority of male incontinence cases can be treated successfully. "I tell my patients that I can guarantee that they will be dry," says Wright. "Sometimes the solution is simple, and sometimes it's more complex surgery. But there's always a solution."

    So if you've been making do with male incontinence -- and suffering emotionally -- it's time to go back to the doctor. Find out what your options are. Together, you and your doctor should be able to solve this problem for good.

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    Reviewed on March 10, 2009
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