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    1. Boys Given Lab-Grown Urethras OK 6 Years Later

      March 8, 2011 -- Five boys unable to urinate due to pelvic injury remain cured up to six years after getting new lab-grown urethras. The successful report of "tissue engineered" urethras in patients comes from Wake Forest University researcher Anthony Atala, MD. In 2006, Atala's team reported the fi

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    2. Urinary Incontinence: How to Talk to Your Doctor

      A year after the birth of her second child, Kathleen (who asked that her last name not be published) developed stress incontinence -- a type of urinary incontinence that can make you leak urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh, or take part in physical activities. “I was only in my 30s,” Kathleen says.

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    3. 11 Ways to Manage OAB at Work

      Eloine Plaut has had problems with an overactive bladder for years. Now 59, she's fought back the urge to urinate while lecturing marketing classes at a university, flying back and forth on business trips between Chicago and New Mexico, and presenting at bank business meetings. "I've never had an ac

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    4. Overactive Bladder Symptoms an Annoyance for Women

      Oct. 29, 2010 -- An online survey of more than 1,100 women with overactive bladder found that middle-aged women are more likely to feel annoyed and frustrated about their symptoms than embarrassed or stigmatized. The survey findings are important, the author says, because understanding women’s frust

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    5. Incontinence Surgery Helps Cut Patient Costs

      Sept. 30, 2010 (Long Beach, Calif.) -- After having incontinence surgery, women report spending much less money on products and services to manage their symptoms than they did before surgery, a study shows. They save more than $500 a year, researchers found. The cost savings are not unexpected, says

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    6. Caffeine and Bladder Problems Linked

      Sept. 30, 2010 -- Excess caffeine increases the likelihood of urinary incontinence in women, according to a new study that echoes the findings of previous research. ''Women who consume high levels of caffeine are 70% more likely to have urinary incontinence than women who don't," says Jon Gleason, M

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    7. Depression Linked to Urinary Incontinence in Men

      June 2, 2010 (San Francisco) -- Major depression, hypertension, enlarged prostates, and older age are all associated with an increased risk of moderate to severe urinary incontinence (UI) in men, a large study suggests. The findings, which provide one of the first national snapshots of urinary incon

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    8. Nighttime Urination Linked to Higher Death Risk

      June 1, 2010 (San Francisco) -- Men and women who have to get up two or more times a night to urinate appear to be at an increased risk of death, researchers say. The increased risk of mortality was seen in all age groups -- 20- to 49 year-olds, 50- to 64-year-olds, and 65- to 90-year-olds -- says V

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    9. Stress Incontinence Sling Surgery: Which Is Best?

      May 19, 2010 - Women who decide on sling surgery for stress incontinence face another daunting decision: Which surgery is best? Surgeons have devised several different ways to improve the physical abnormalities of the urinary system that cause women to urinate involuntarily when they cough, laugh, o

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    10. Low Vitamin D Levels Tied to Incontinence

      March 22, 2010 -- Not getting enough vitamin D may cause women problems in the bathroom as well as with their bones. A new study suggests vitamin D deficiency may contribute to pelvic floor disorders like urinary and fecal incontinence. “Higher vitamin D levels were associated with a decreased risk

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