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    1. Muscle Cells Cut Urinary Incontinence

      April 26, 2009 -- Muscle cells taken from patients' own thighs can help reduce their treatment-resistant stress urinary incontinence. It isn't a joke when, due to stress urinary incontinence, laughing or coughing makes your bladder uncontrollably leak urine. Most patients get help from exercises, be

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    2. Hope for Overactive Bladder Problems

      Lou Dunn is one of those women who's always on the go. The Pittsburgh mother and wife runs her own calligraphy business and usually has energy to burn. But for years, her active schedule was hampered by a serious downside. Nature called way too often. Like millions of others, Dunn suffers from overa

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    3. FDA OKs First Overactive Bladder Gel

      Jan. 28, 2009 -- The FDA has approved Gelnique, the first and only topical gel to treat overactive bladder. Watson Pharmaceuticals, which makes Gelnique, announced the approval in a news release. Gelnique's active ingredient, oxybutynin, isn't new; it's an antispasmodic agent that's already availabl

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    4. Weight Loss May Reduce Incontinence

      Jan, 27, 2009 -- For obese and overweight women, losing weight can dramatically reduce episodes of incontinence, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Study participants included 338 women, all overweight or obese, who leaked urine at least 10 times in a week. The wo

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    5. At Events With Incontinence

      A lecture hall, the theater, a ballgame: if the setting is crowded, incontinence is a hassle. Many people avoid those events. Others get crafty in devising their exit plans. "People can be very strategic," says Roger Dmochowski, MD, a urologist and director of the Vanderbilt Continence Center in Nas

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    6. New Drug Approved for Overactive Bladder

      Oct. 31, 2008 -- The FDA has approved a new prescription drug called Toviaz to treat overactive bladder (OAB) in adults. Toviaz relaxes the bladder's smooth muscle tissue, thus reducing the urinary frequency, urge to urinate, and sudden urinary incontinence that are characteristic symptoms of OAB. "

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    7. Women, Sports, and Stress Incontinence

      Sept. 25, 2008 -- It's a delicate subject, but one that many women experience. Urinary incontinence, or leaking urine, is a common, embarrassing female problem that keeps women from working out or playing sports. Researchers wanted to take a look at stress urinary incontinence in the general populat

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    8. 1/4 of Women Have Pelvic Floor Disorder

      Sept. 16, 2008 -- Nearly a quarter of women have a pelvic floor disorder, which can be incontinence (urinary or fecal) or pelvic organ prolapse (when the uterus or another pelvic organ drops from its usual position and pushes against the walls of the vagina.) The older a women gets, the higher her c

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    9. Tips for Dealing With Overactive Bladder (OAB)

      Don't just "live with it" if you have an overactive bladder. Simple lifestyle changes and medications can make a big difference. To help you cope with OAB, WebMD editors searched through our best articles and OAB guides to pull out useful tips for daily living. Use these tips for better health and p

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    10. Incontinence: A Woman's Little Secret

      Often, it starts after the baby's born: You head to aerobics class, ready to shed those extra pounds, and in the middle of the accident. This embarrassing little problem is urinary incontinence, and lots of women -- regardless of age -- are secretly dealing with it. More than 13 million

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