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    1. Incontinence Drug Doesn't Affect Memory

      March 31, 2004 -- The manufacturer of a new treatment for overactive bladder says its drug may be less likely to affect the memory than currently available therapies. In a study reported late last week, patients taking Enablex showed no evidence of memory or other cognitive problems. Researchers say

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    2. Stress Incontinence: Exercise Works Best

      July 15, 2003 -- A new study shows exercising the right muscles can significantly improve stress incontinence, but electrical stimulation -- used for more than 50 years -- offers no added benefit. Researchers say the key to maximizing results is to make sure you work closely with your doctor. The re

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    3. New Relief for Stress Incontinence

      Women who suffer from stress urinary incontinence (SUI) worry about coughing, sneezing, even laughing in public for fear of having an accident. For some the fear of embarrassment is so great that they become virtual recluses, staying at home and avoiding any social contact. Even with this anxiety, h

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    4. Drug Shows Promise for Bladder Problems

      July 22, 2002 -- A new drug looks promising for treatment of stress urinary incontinence, an embarrassing problem for many women. Though the drug duloxetine is still being tested and has not received FDA approval, it seems to provide many women with another option. Stress urinary incontinence is sai

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    5. Muscle Training Relieves Incontinence After Childbirth

      Sept. 17, 2001 -- Childbirth is generally felt to be part of the natural cycle of life, but many women are left with troubling medical problems, including the inability to control their urine or even their bowel movements. As many as a third of women suffer from urinary incontinence following vagina

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    6. A Transplant to Repair Urinary Incontinence?

      June 4, 2001 (Anaheim, Calif.) -- Loss of urinary control is an embarrassing -- and very common -- problem that afflicts up to 17 million American adults. Those millions will no doubt be cheering the study findings of group of Pittsburgh scientists, who have come up with a remarkable and perhaps per

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    7. Kegel Exercises Help Incontinence After Pregnancy

      May 21, 2001 -- Many women cringe when they think of the embarrassment that can be caused by something as simple as sneezing, coughing, or sharing a laugh with a friend. The cause of this embarrassment is urinary incontinence, which affects millions of American women. Although some women may associa

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    8. Overactive Bladder: When You Have to Go, Go, Go

      April 13, 2001 -- Kim Dunn knew there was something wrong when she had to use the bathroom every 15 minutes. "When I went, it seemed like I had to go really, really bad," she tells WebMD. "I knew that wasn't a normal pattern." But the 45-year-old resident of Gardena, Calif. suffered with the symptom

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    9. Exercises Help Women With Urinary Incontinence

      Aug. 29, 2000 -- Urinary incontinence is a common problem for many older women. Frequent, uncontrolled leaking of urine from the bladder causes many women to avoid activities that were once enjoyable, including exercise and sex. A variety of treatment options are available for women with this proble

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    10. Hysterectomy Patients May Face Incontinence Later

      Aug. 15, 2000 -- Even after having suffered through bleeding or pain, then agonizing over the decision whether to have a hysterectomy, and then going through and recovering from the surgery, women may still have to face a possible side effect from the surgery later in life: incontinence. Women 60 ye

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