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    WebMD Incontinence/OAB Community: 'Menopause, OAB, and Anxiety'

    Surgery, menopause, and chronic conditions like diabetes -- these are all factors that can contribute to overactive bladder. And for one woman in WebMD’s OAB community, they all came together at once.

    She explains that after being catheterized for a hip replacement surgery, she also underwent physical therapy, a process that she found stressful. “My bladder really took a beating through all of this!” she writes. “Now I’m going through menopause and that causes urinary frequency. Seems like I have to get up every hour or so to get up and go to the bathroom!”

    Medications caused urinary retention and led to a bladder infection, so she’s hoping for more luck with bladder retraining and Kegel exercises. A community member also advises her to visit a urogynecologist for more expert advice.

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