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    WebMD Incontinence/OAB Community: What Remedies Have You Tried?

    If you’re one of the estimated 33 million Americans who has some type of urinary incontinence problem, there’s probably almost nothing you wouldn’t try to control your bladder. People in the WebMD Incontinence/OAB Community try to help each other by offering their most useful strategies for improving bladder control and urinary incontinence issues.

    Ways to improve bladder control issues can differ from person to person. Many people usually try a variety of options before finding the most helpful methods for their specific bladder control needs.

    Suggestions to try include Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles that control bladder function, keeping a bladder diary, losing weight, and cutting back on water, caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods. Other options are getting “bladder training” from a qualified nurse and checking with your doctor and pharmacist to make sure you’re taking the proper medications and avoiding harmful mixtures of prescription and nonprescription medications.

    One woman says she has tried many of the usual treatment options, including Kegels and a variety of medications. A combination of medications, including a topical cream, has proven to be very helpful, although she battles a surprising side effect of sexual arousal.

    Another woman says she feels that she must rely on adult diapers when she sleeps. “I've tried other remedies but I have a difficult time sleeping without the security of diapers,” she explains. She notes that before she began using the adult diapers, she didn't get much rest and was often sick.

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