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    WebMD Incontinence/OAB Community: Can Stress Aggravate OAB?

    Can emotional stress aggravate an overactive bladder? That's what one man wonders. "Every time my mother-in-law comes, it causes my overactive bladder to get worse," he says. "Before the visit is over, I can generally wind up in adult diapers at night and using incontinencemedication during the day."

    Another man asks if he is doing anything different before his mother-in-law's visits, such as changing his diet or drinking more fluids.

    He replies that he doesn't do anything different, but notes that he works two jobs, drinks coffee, and has been drinking more water. "My mother-in-law makes my temper boil at times," he says.

    Lainey, a WebMD Community moderator, suggests he speak with his urologist about this condition. "Stress can cause many symptoms. Working two jobs can also be a stress factor," she says. "Coffee is another consideration." She also asks if he's tried doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles that control urinary flow.

    WebMD guest expert Diane K. Newman, RN-C, MSN, ANP, says anxiety can cause symptoms of overactive bladder. "So when you are anxious, under more stress, or worried, you may find yourself going to the bathroom more often. This is a symptom of overactive bladder and it is called frequency." She suggests that he may want to learn some relaxation techniques for when his mother-in-law visits.

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