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Incontinence & Overactive Bladder Health Center

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Check Your Symptoms

    Call a doctor if:

    • You suddenly lose bladder control.
    • You have to urinate frequently but cannot pass much urine.
    • Your bladder does not feel empty after you urinate.
    • You have trouble urinating even when your bladder feels full.
    • Your urine has blood in it.
    • Your urine smells strange.
    • You want help with your bladder control problem.
    • It burns or hurts when you urinate.
    • Painful urination occurs with:
      • Fever or chills.
      • Not being able to urinate when you feel the urge.
      • Pain in the back, side, groin, or genital area.
      • Blood or pus in the urine.
      • Unusual discharge from the vagina or penis.
      • Nausea and vomiting.
    • Urinary symptoms do not improve after 1 or 2 days, or they get worse even with home treatment. Untreated urinary tract infections (UTIs) can spread, which may lead to kidney infections and other serious problems.
    • You are pregnant or have diabetes, and you have symptoms of a UTI.
    • You are a man, and you have symptoms of a UTI.
    • You think that your child may have a UTI.

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