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    Which Vaccines Do You and Your Family Need?

    Children need vaccines to protect them from childhood diseases. But did you know that teens and adults need vaccines, too? Vaccines not only help keep your family safe, but they also protect others by making diseases less likely to spread.

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    Adult Vaccines

    19 - 65+

    Many vaccines are recommended for everyone. Your doctor may recommend additional vaccines depending on your overall health, what medications you take, and your family and medical history.

    Tools for you...

    1. Meningococcal Vaccine
    2. Flu Guidelines for Adults
    3. HPV Guidelines
    4. Why Adults Need Booster Shots
    5. WebMD Vaccine Tracker: Manage Your Family's Vaccines
    6. Shingles Vaccine
    7. Adult Pneumococcal Vaccinations

    Children's Vaccines

    One of the most important things you can do to safeguard your children's health is to keep them up to date on their vaccines. But parents may worry about safety and side effects of vaccines. Find out more about what vaccines your children need, and how to weigh the risks and benefits of immunization.

    Tools for you...

    1. Vaccine Special Report: What Parents Should Know
    2. Your Vaccine Guide: Risks & Side Effects
    3. Vaccine Schedule
    4. FAQ: Children and Flu
    5. Should Your Child Get the HPV Vaccine?
    6. Protecting Against Meningitis
    7. Why Your Teen Needs a Flu Vaccine
    8. Which Boosters Does Your Tween or Teen Need?
    9. WebMD Vaccine Tracker: Manage Your Family's Vaccines

    Travel Health

    Planning an international trip? Find out what vaccinations you may need before your trip, and how soon you need to see your doctor before you go.

    Tools for you...

    1. Travel Health: 25 Ways to Stay Well When Abroad
    2. Travel Health: Before You Go
    3. Travel Health: What to Do if You Get Ill
    4. Travel Health: Precautions Along the Way
    5. FAQ: Flu
    6. WebMD Vaccine Tracker:
      Manage Your Family's Vaccines

    More Vaccine Information

    Learn more about which family members may need vaccines, and how you can keep track of everyone's immunizations.

    Tools for you...

    1. Vaccine Special Report: What Parents Should Know
    2. Vaccine Schedule
    3. FAQ: Children and Flu
    4. Flu Guidelines for Adults
    5. Travel Health: 25 Ways to Stay Well When Abroad
    6. WebMD Vaccine Tracker: Manage Your Family's Vaccines

    Children's Vaccines

    Schedules, tips and important information.


    Vaccine Guide

    Vaccine benefits, side effects, and ingredients.


    Travel Vaccines and More

    Stay well abroad.


    Flu FAQ

    What you should know about the Flu Shot.

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    Vaccine Schedule for Adults

    Vaccines aren’t just for kids. All adults need at least one every year.

    Getting vaccinated not only protects you from diseases -- it can also help you protect the health of people around you, who may not be able to get vaccinated themselves, like infants and people going through cancer treatment.

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