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  1. Vaccines for Hepatitis A & B

    You may have a family member who has viral hepatitis. Or perhaps you recently saw a news brief about a celebrity who contracted hepatitis A or B. Whatever the reason, you want information about a viral illness that you may not have thought much about. What is viral hepatitis? Are you at risk for it?

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  2. Shingles & Chickenpox: What's the Link?

    Just before Christmas a few years ago, Richard DiCarlo, MD, woke up in the night with burning pain on his left side. Turning on a light, he saw a row of red bumps and knew immediately that he had shingles, also known as zoster, caused by the reactivation of the chickenpox virus, dormant since a chil

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  3. Your Travel Vaccine Checklist, Continent by Continent

    Do you dream about the white sands and aquamarine waters of the Caribbean? Have you ever wanted to go on an African safari? Don't let concerns about "Montezuma's revenge" or a more serious illness like typhoid fever stop you from pursuing your wanderlust. While it's true that visiting new countries

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  4. 12 Reasons Why Adults Need Vaccines

    Think of vaccines and you might envision teary-eyed kids at the doctor’s office or flu clinic getting a cartoon character bandage on their arm after getting a shot. But there are plenty of reasons adults should get vaccines too. The vaccines you need as an adult depend on everything from your age an

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  5. Your Questions About the Flu Vaccine

    People come up with all kinds of excuses to avoid getting the flu vaccine. "I've had the flu and it's no big deal." "The vaccine will give me the flu." "There are toxic levels of mercury in the vaccine." If you listen to these misconceptions and don't get your flu vaccine, you could catch the latest

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  6. Vaccines as Part of Preventative Health

    The free gift that the San Francisco Giants offered to fans who showed up for a game with the Cincinnati Reds last August probably didn’t attract a big crowd, since it involved a procedure that most people shun whenever possible: It was a booster shot. Throughout the game, California Department of P

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  7. Checklist: Vaccines for Adults

    Keeping up-to-date with your immunizations can be difficult. From when you had your last tetanus booster to whether you should get the flu vaccine, it's easy to lose track of which vaccinations you've had and which you need. But you should keep tabs on your immunization history. Better to do it now

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  8. HPV Vaccines and Adults: Expert Q&A

    It’s never easy to talk to your doctor about sexually transmitted diseases. But doctors say females as young as 9 and as old as 26 should be vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV). The goal is to get protected against HPV, which usually spreads through sexual contact and can cause certain typ

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  9. Whooping Cough Vaccine for Adults

    "We all thought it was a disease of yesteryear." Like many people, that is what William Schaffner, MD, president of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, says he once believed about whooping cough. That perception changed dramatically in 2010, when 10 infants in California died during an

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  10. Meningitis Vaccine and Adults: Expert Q&A

    Meningitis is usually caused by an infection that attacks the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. The most serious types of meningitis can result in brain damage or even death. Most parents know children should be vaccinated against meningitis before they go to college, where the crowded,

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