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  1. Vaccines for College Students: Expert Q&A

    College presents a new world of opportunity, and a new world of risks. Communal living spaces, less-than-sanitary conditions, and irregular sleeping habits all can leave students vulnerable to disease. This means prevention is key, says William Schaffner, MD, president of the National Foundation for

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  2. Shingles Vaccine: Expert Q&A

    Shingles can make everyday tasks -- from getting dressed to getting into bed -- a painful proposition. The culprit behind this agonizing rash, which is especially common in older people, is the same virus responsible for another common but debilitating condition: chicken pox. "Most of us never get r

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  3. Flu Breakthrough: The Search for a Universal Vaccine

    Medical sleuths have been trailing the elusive cold and flu viruses for more than a century. Now they finally might be onto something. A universal flu vaccine could be on the horizon -- and even more effective treatments for the common cold. Wayne Marasco, MD, PhD, is one of the most ardent sleuths.

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  4. 4 Lifesaving Vaccines Adults Need

    Kids aren't the only ones who should go in for their immunizations. We grown-ups require vaccines and booster shots too, but many of us aren't getting them. In fact, about 50,000 American adults die every year from vaccine-preventable diseases, says the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases —

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  5. Stay Protected: Get a Tetanus Booster

    Working on handyman projects this summer? You might be due for a tetanus booster; critical protection if you get a cut or wound. Men under age 59 are three times more likely than women to get tetanus (a potentially fatal disease) because they have not had booster shots. August is National Immunizati

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  6. HPV, Cervical Cancer Vaccine: 15 Facts

    Gardasil, the new vaccine against human papilloma virus (HPV) -- which causes cervical cancer and genital warts -- is now available nationwide. Here is what you need to know now about this new vaccine. 1. What is Gardasil? Gardasil is a vaccine, licensed for use in June 2006, by the FDA. It targets

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  7. Adult Immunizations: Are You Protected?

    What's the greatest medical development of the last century? Open-heart surgery? The discovery of penicillin? Laser hair removal? According to experts, the answer is clear: vaccinations. "Immunizations are the greatest medical advance of the last one hundred years," says Richard L. Wasserman, MD, Ph

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  8. Treating Disease With Vaccines

    While traditional vaccines are designed to prevent disease, researchers are working on something new: therapeutic vaccines, vaccinations that treat an illness after you have it. Therapeutic vaccines have the potential to change medical treatment radically and may be able to treat all sorts of scourg

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