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  1. Why Some Will Get Flu Vaccine -- and Why Some Won't

    Oct. 7, 2010 - This year, 95% of doctors but only 65% of mothers say they'll get their children vaccinated against the flu. The figures come from a series of surveys commissioned by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID), which strongly supports the CDC's recommendation that everyone

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  2. Mother's Flu Shot Protects Infant

    Oct. 4, 2010 -- Getting a flu shot during pregnancy may be one of the most effective ways to protect infants from getting the flu. A new study confirms that babies whose mothers received the influenza vaccine while pregnant were much less likely to become ill with the flu or be hospitalized for resp

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  3. Flu Vaccine FAQ

    Sept. 13, 2010 -- As the 2010-2011 flu season approaches, it's once again time for flu vaccination. This year, the CDC advises just about everyone to get the vaccine. That raises questions. So does the inclusion of the H1N1 pandemic swine flu vaccine in the seasonal vaccine. To answer the questions,

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  4. CDC Panel Calls for Flu Vaccine for All

    Feb. 24, 2010 -- Everybody, not just those at risk of complications, should get a yearly flu shot, the CDC's immunization advisory panel says. The CDC almost certainly will make universal flu vaccination official U.S. policy for this fall's 2010-2011 flu season, as it consistently follows the advice

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  5. Flu Breakthrough: The Search for a Universal Vaccine

    Medical sleuths have been trailing the elusive cold and flu viruses for more than a century. Now they finally might be onto something. A universal flu vaccine could be on the horizon -- and even more effective treatments for the common cold. Wayne Marasco, MD, PhD, is one of the most ardent sleuths.

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  6. 4 Lifesaving Vaccines Adults Need

    Kids aren't the only ones who should go in for their immunizations. We grown-ups require vaccines and booster shots too, but many of us aren't getting them. In fact, about 50,000 American adults die every year from vaccine-preventable diseases, says the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases —

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  7. U.S. Adults Dying of Preventable Diseases

    July 24, 2009 – Diseases easily preventable by adult vaccines kill more Americans each year than car wrecks, breast cancer, or AIDS. Yet relatively few in the U.S. know much about these diseases -- and far too few adults get vaccinated, find surveys by the CDC and the National Foundation for Infecti

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  8. Adult Smokers Need Pneumococcal Vaccine

    Oct. 22, 2008 -- All adult cigarette smokers should get the pneumococcal vaccine, the CDC's vaccine advisory committee today recommended. The panel previously recommended that as of 2009, adults with asthma should get the vaccine. Adults aged 65 or over, and those with chronic illness, are already a

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  9. Stay Protected: Get a Tetanus Booster

    Working on handyman projects this summer? You might be due for a tetanus booster; critical protection if you get a cut or wound. Men under age 59 are three times more likely than women to get tetanus (a potentially fatal disease) because they have not had booster shots. August is National Immunizati

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  10. HPV, Cervical Cancer Vaccine: 15 Facts

    Gardasil, the new vaccine against human papilloma virus (HPV) -- which causes cervical cancer and genital warts -- is now available nationwide. Here is what you need to know now about this new vaccine. 1. What is Gardasil? Gardasil is a vaccine, licensed for use in June 2006, by the FDA. It targets

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