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Beyond a daily multivitamin, what other supplements are recommended for healthy adults?

Nutritionist, WebMD Medical Expert
American Dietetic Association

Once-daily multivitamins/minerals geared for age and sex should take into account the changing needs of adult men and women. If you cannot tolerate dairy and do not eat calcium-fortified foods, you may need additional calcium beyond a multivitamin.

During childbearing years, it is essential for women to get adequate folate and iron in their diets or through supplements. Pregnant and lactating women have increased needs that require a special supplement during these times.

Vegetarians may need to add supplements, depending on the foods excluded in their diets. Smokers require an additional 40 milligrams of vitamin C that can easily be obtained from fruits or vegetables. In addition, some adults -- depending on their diet, health history, and where they live -- may require more vitamin D than the amount in a standard multivitamin.

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