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Question: Can adding soy, probiotics, and prebiotics to my diet really help lower my cholesterol?

Answer: There is some very early research to suggest that a diet rich in probiotics may help lower LDL “bad” cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol, you want to work closely with your doctor to get it under control. The right diet is certainly a key part of that and many probiotic-rich foods, such as fat-free yogurt, are a great source of heart-healthy lean protein. Foods rich in prebiotics are particularly heart-healthy and may help lower cholesterol. These include whole grains, asparagus, and bananas. And remember one of the best ways to get your cholesterol down is a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and limiting meat as much as possible.

Question: Is it safe to feed prebiotic- and probiotic-fortified foods to my 7-month old?

Answer: Research suggests the prebiotics and probiotics are likely safe for children. However, I would ask your child’s pediatrician first since you and your doctor are most familiar with the health of your child.