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    Considering taking a vitamin or supplement to treat Exercise-induced muscle damage? Below is a list of common natural remedies used to treat or reduce the symptoms of Exercise-induced muscle damage. Follow the links to read common uses, side effects, dosage details and read user reviews for the drugs listed below.

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    Treatment Name EffectivenessWhat is this? User Reviews
    ASTAXANTHIN   85 User Reviews
    BETA-CAROTENE   7 User Reviews
    BETAINE ANHYDROUS   4 User Reviews
    BLUE-GREEN ALGAE   33 User Reviews
    CAFFEINE   45 User Reviews
    CAFFEINE   45 User Reviews
    CARNOSINE   14 User Reviews
    CHIA   63 User Reviews
    CHONDROITIN SULFATE   15 User Reviews
    COCONUT WATER   16 User Reviews
    DHEA   174 User Reviews
    ECHINACEA   81 User Reviews
    EPHEDRA   19 User Reviews
    FENUGREEK   76 User Reviews
    FISH OIL   198 User Reviews
    FISH OIL   198 User Reviews
    FLAXSEED OIL   70 User Reviews
    GARCINIA   1050 User Reviews
    GARLIC   41 User Reviews
    GARLIC   41 User Reviews
    HYDROXYCITRIC ACID   1 User Reviews
    KUDZU   32 User Reviews
    L-ARGININE   121 User Reviews
    L-CITRULLINE   25 User Reviews
    LUTEIN   51 User Reviews
    MELATONIN   423 User Reviews
    N-ACETYL CYSTEINE   90 User Reviews
    NONI   51 User Reviews
    PAPAIN   17 User Reviews
    PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE   82 User Reviews
    POMEGRANATE   20 User Reviews
    QUERCETIN   45 User Reviews
    QUERCETIN   45 User Reviews
    SCHISANDRA   16 User Reviews
    SODIUM BICARBONATE   Be the first to review it
    SOY   44 User Reviews
    TAURINE   47 User Reviews
    TYROSINE   85 User Reviews
    VITAMIN C (ASCORBIC ACID)   52 User Reviews
    WHEY PROTEIN   39 User Reviews
    YOHIMBE   115 User Reviews

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