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    5 Surprising Things About Julianne Moore


    4. She doesn’t like her freckles.

    “I hated my freckles when I was a kid and I still hate them now. That’s why I wrote my Freckleface Strawberry series. In a lot of children’s books, problems just kind of disappear when you grow up, and that’s not what really happens. If you have big ears, unless you pin them back, they’re the same. My hair and my freckles are still the same. There’s nothing I can do about them. But now, they’re at the bottom of my list of things that matter and there’s other things I care about more.”

    5. Her new motto is ‘just do it.’

    “I turned 50 last year, and I think what happens to you then is that you evaluate your life and go, am I doing what I want to do? Am I spending my time the way I want? I’m in a place where I don’t want to say no to anything, any experiences. I’m going to Paris with my sister this weekend, and it’s really not making any sense for me to go. I’m finishing a movie tomorrow, and on Monday I start a book tour for the new book, and the Paris trip is jammed in between. I really shouldn’t go. But I’m really close to my sister and I feel like, why not? You could be dead, so just do it. That’s my attitude now: just jam it in. Just do it.”

    Adapted from the cover story of WebMD the Magazine's January/February 2012 issue. Read the entire story here.

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    Reviewed on January 09, 2012

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