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Carrie Underwood's Secrets for Healthy Living -- On and Off the Road

The country music star talks about her diet, her exercise, her dog, and how she handles her fear of crowds.

How Underwood Stays Healthy on the Road continued...

She is also careful when it comes to food. The longtime vegetarian orders room service once a month at most ("it's expensive!") and avoids fast food entirely. "It would be very easy to just go eat that all the time. But if I don't know what's in it, I don't eat it. That's my rule," she says firmly. Instead, she hits the grocery stores in major cities and stocks her tour bus with healthy fare like yogurt or microwavable oatmeal.

"I've become a wonderful microwave expert in my years of travel," she says with a laugh. And she has no problem making a sandwich in the bus and toting it into her hotel. "People say, 'I don't have time -- I just grab a hot dog on the street,'" she says. "I know better. It takes about five minutes to make a sandwich to take with you someplace."

Heading to the supermarket, by the way, is one of Underwood's favorite ways to stay grounded. "It's a very human thing to do, and that's why I love it so much," she says.

"When you're out on the road, people see you as a performer -- not necessarily first and foremost as a human being. So it's really nice to go and do things that people do!" She laughs. "I always hear, 'You shop yourself?' I would hate to see the day when someone else had to buy my groceries for me."

More Healthy Road Rules

Along with healthy food, Underwood makes sure that she -- and everyone on her tour -- has plenty of water. "In our catering area we have this huge table of supplements for people -- little things like vitamin C, echinacea, stuff like that, because if one person gets a cold, everybody's getting a cold." And she regularly hits the local gym. "If I can wake up and I go get a good cardio session in," she says, "a class at a gym nearby, or me on the treadmill, I'm happier throughout the day."

She also tries to get plenty of rest, but that's not easy on the road. Her post-show ritual is basically the same every night: She boards the tour bus, swabs off the makeup, and tries to climb into bed by midnight. But as the bus speeds toward her next destination, her head is buzzing from the show, and adrenaline is coursing through her veins. Who can sleep?

"I'm still kind of on a high," she says. "The show is so loud and there are so many lights that it's kind of hard to come down off of that sometimes. But you get used to it. And before you know it, when the tour's over, I'm going to go home and have trouble sleeping in a bed that's not going 70 miles an hour down the road."

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