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    Carrie Underwood's Secrets for Healthy Living -- On and Off the Road

    The country music star talks about her diet, her exercise, her dog, and how she handles her fear of crowds.

    Carrie Underwood on Being a Star

    The singer loves that her music has touched so many. She mentions Temporary Home, a poignant tune she co-wrote for Play On that depicts people in difficult but transitory situations, including a boy in a foster home. "It's amazing the masses that songs like that can reach," she says. "I was reading a letter from a kindergarten teacher who said that one of her students said this was his song because he was in a foster situation. He was about to be adopted. So that makes me feel good. It's things like that that make you realize it's great to do the fun songs that people can sing along and dance to, but those are the ones where you're kind of leaving a legacy."

    Many of her fans say it's hard to hear Temporary Home without an emotional reaction. "I get a lump in my throat when I sing that song every night," she says. "Last night, I was really glad the crowd was singing because I was having trouble with it." During another part of the show, her emotions swung in the other direction.

    "We had a giggle-fest onstage," she confesses. "Afterward, I felt like I had to address [the crowd] because they were going to be like, 'What was going on during that song?' So I told them I got the giggles and said, 'You always get them at the worst times, like when you're in church.'"

    For Underwood, that's about as wild as it gets on the road. It's safe to say that this is someone who will never be tossing a TV through a hotel window. "You see celebrities all the time who have good families, they had a good home life, and then somewhere along the way, things just seemed to fall apart," she says.

    "I have people around me who are very honest with me, and if I ever start doing something stupid, I feel like they'd tell me."

    Still, Underwood is keenly aware of how spoiled celebs get. She'll never forget a moment during American Idol when she heard a nearby contestant murmur that she was thirsty. Two seconds later, a staffer sprinted over with some water. "It was the first time I realized, 'Wow, people will do stuff for you.' So I think it would be very easy to just become a little brat." She laughs. "I'm not saying I don't have my bratty moments. But I've always had those!" She's the youngest of three girls, after all, "so I get a little 'spoiled' pass."

    Overall, Underwood's philosophy is to accentuate the positive. She knows that to stay healthy, an upbeat attitude is just as important as eating her vegetables and getting some rest. "It's a lot easier to focus on the negative," she says. "It really, truly is. But when you take a moment to think about all the good things in your life, you become happy. And I think happy attracts happy. So to me, it's really important to wake up in a good mood. Because I feel very lucky."

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