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  1. Does Snoring Have You Up All Night?

    Every night the same ritual plays out in Nancy Rothstein’s bedroom. She goes to sleep before her husband does, and then, a few hours later, she’s awakened by the grating sound of his snoring. “I usually lie there for a while and try to decide whether I have the energy to move to another room,” she s

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  2. Good Fat, Bad Fat: The Facts About Omega-3

    If you ask folks what food group they should avoid, most will probably answer "fats." While it's true that, in large amounts, some types of fat are bad for your health (not to mention your waistline), there are some we simply can't live without. Among them are the omega-3 fatty acids, found in foods

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  3. What You Need to Know About Eating Fish

    Fish and shellfish have gained star status on the dinner menu. Several medical groups now advocate tuna, salmon, and their fishy (and shellfish) cousins as important to a heart-healthy and overall healthy diet. But for women, the choice has been less clear. The concern: Are fish and shellfish safe -

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  4. How to Turn Down the Noise in Your Life

    By Meg Lundstrom Learn to manage the distractions that sap your concentration — so you can find your focus and your peace of mind. Your boss is bugging you to hand in that status report, your husband wants you to sit down and talk finances, your son needs help with his science project. You're feelin

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  5. Health Benefits of a Sincere Apology

    We all know the feeling. You gossiped and the person found out. You helped yourself to something that wasn't yours (such as someone's spouse). You stole. You lied. You read your child's diary. It never sits quite right -- you toss, you turn in bed, you have that sinking feeling in your chest, you ea

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  6. Reconnecting with Lost Friends

    Thanks to the Internet, Americans are reconnecting in record numbers. There are huge rewards — but also unexpected risks.

  7. 5 Health Habits It's Okay To Skip

    By Virginia Sole-Smith Do you really need to eat breakfast every day? Here, five "must-do's" you can think twice about. Don't tell your mother we said so, but she wasn't right about everything -- at least not when it comes to your health. Research shows that some of those habits you've been told to

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  8. The Lies Women Tell Their Doctors

    By Norine Dworkin-McDaniel "I don't smoke." "I exercise regularly." "Yeah, I floss." If you've ever looked into your doctor's eyes and told her a half-truth — or even an outright falsehood — join the club. But those little health fibs can have serious consequences: Your dishonesty may keep your doct

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  9. How to Get Fit, Happy, and Healthy

    Whether you want to power through paperwork or fall asleep peacefully, here are the best workouts for toning your mind. Bonus: better butt, abs, and arms, too.

  10. Live Well On Less

    Just because the economy looks bleak doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself and your family. Here's how to spend less, but have more. You don't need us to tell you times are tight. Between the rising cost of gas and groceries, a disheartening recession, and the shaky job and housing markets, you'

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