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    15 Healthy Lifestyle Tips After Your Hysterectomy

    Nurture your health after a hysterectomy -- to keep weight and stress under control.

    Tips for Stress Reduction

    Decide what matters most to you. To achieve a well-balanced life, it's essential to get your priorities clear. Satisfying career? Spouse? Community service? Health? Adventure and travel? Figure out your "top five" list. Then give those things your undivided attention.

    Drop unnecessary activities. If a commitment doesn't fit into your priority list, drop it. You'll have more time for things that do matter to you. Give your priorities the respect they deserve.

    Learn to relax. Listen to music that provides a mental escape. Or find a relaxation exercise that works -- like rhythmic breathing, deep breathing, visualized breathing, progressive muscle relaxation.

    Get enough rest and sleep. Sleep helps your body recover from the day's stresses.

    Find quiet time. Meditate or pray every morning. Read something that inspires you. Focus on self-renewal, optimism, hope. Find purpose, meaning, and joy in life. Share the love.

    Enjoy yourself. Make time forfun, relaxation, family and friends. Develop new interests. Enjoy dancing, backpacking, yoga class, biking, painting, gardening, date night with your spouse, girls' night out. You'll stay active, youthful, healthy, connected.

    Keep things in perspective. There's truth in the adage: "Accept that there are things you cannot control." Be assertive when you need to be. Share your feelings and opinions without being defensive. Then let it go.

    Drink sensibly. If a woman drinks, one alcoholic drink a night is usually recommended.

    Tips for Fitness

    Get plenty of aerobic exercise. Walking, jogging, and dance-exercise are all good choices. Exercise at least 20 minutes several days a week. If your goal is weight loss, you'll need to exercise more. Exercise builds strong bones, helps you lose weight, and reduces heart disease risk. It will also improve your mood and help you sleep better.

    Lift hand weights. It's known as strength training, and it helps with weight loss, improves strength and posture, and tones the body. Find a weight you can comfortably handle for eight repetitions. Gradually work up to 12 reps.

    Stretch it out. Yoga and Pilates help you stay flexible, build core body strength, and increase stability. They also improve balance, so you avoid falls and fractures.

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    Reviewed on July 13, 2009

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