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    Jennifer Love Hewitt Dishes Dating Advice in 'The Day I Shot Cupid'

    In her new book, the 'Ghost Whisperer' star tackles the dos and don'ts of online flirting, setting boundaries, and healthy romance.

    Love Unplugged: The Pitfalls of Online Romance

    Speaking of giving too much information: Jennifer Love Hewitt may be a modern woman, but she's not a huge fan of what the latest technology is doing to romance. "It's cool to rely on modern means to get things rolling. But if we don't stop the electronic lovin' before it's gone too far, they won't," she writes. Of sexting, she simply says, "Ew! Say no to text relationships. Take his BlackBerry away and see what he's really made of."

    Amen, Sister, says psychotherapist and relationship expert Tina Tessina, PhD, LMFT. "Texting can become your entire relationship. Is that what you really want?" she asks. Tessina, author of The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again and The 10 Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make Before 40, says that, for some couples, the option to text, Facebook, and Skype each other has its advantages -- but you have to be a couple first.

    Instead of all the gadgetry, focus on the face-to-face relationship. "You can't force it, but it's a red flag if he won't see you in person," Tessina says. "Be really careful not to let the relationship become all instant messaging and Facebook and email. It's a pretend relationship unless there's real face-to-face stuff going on -- and not just booty calls!"

    Another downside of the online age: It can make you paranoid. Tessina says there's nothing wrong with Googling the guy you've just started dating to get the inside scoop. (Is he telling the truth about that hot multimedia company he founded?) But you need to practice discipline in using all the technology tools at your fingertips.

    "It used to be you'd go home from a date and, if you were excited to see the guy again, you had to resist calling him too soon," Hewitt says. "Now it's not just 'I won't call.' It's 'I won't text, I won't check his Facebook status or send him a Facebook message, I won't check his Twitter feed.' It's too much. Seriously, technology has messed dating up royally."

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