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    Jennifer Love Hewitt Dishes Dating Advice in 'The Day I Shot Cupid'

    In her new book, the 'Ghost Whisperer' star tackles the dos and don'ts of online flirting, setting boundaries, and healthy romance.

    Knowing When to Leave a Relationship

    Perhaps the worst mistake women make, Hewitt says, is getting caught up in a fantasy. "Reality is so important. It's not as much fun and doesn't feel nearly as good, but fantasy isn't going to take you anyplace real."

    Tessina says Hewitt's advice is on the mark. "We're really good at talking ourselves into wanting what we have instead of waiting for what we deserve," she says. "One good way to get out of that: Get this person around your friends. They won't have the investment you have, so they can see more clearly, and they'll tell you if he doesn't seem right to them somehow."

    Hewitt admits that she herself has often made the love-life mistake of not knowing when to get out. "When it's not right, you feel it. You know it. Not enough people -- women in particular -- trust their gut. The only person you hurt by staying in a relationship that's over is you," she says. "That's when you really have to say, 'Life is short. Do I want to spend it unhappy, or do I want to spend it full and happy, even if that means looking at the riches in my life not as the man next to me, but my girlfriends, my home, my health?'"

    This is not to say that Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn't still believe in romance. You can hear the smile in her voice when she talks about one of her most memorable dates. "I think the best dates are the ones that go all over the place. One time I went and ended up cleaning the Plaza Hotel at three in the morning. Really! It sounded like a fun, goofy, romantic comedy thing to do. We went in and I was like, 'Hi, can I vacuum?' We had a great conversation while we were doing something silly. So if you're ever at the Plaza Hotel, check out how clean the ballrooms are!"

    Jennifer Love Hewitt: "Love Your Body"

    A couple of years ago, Hewitt famously clashed with bloggers after pictures of her wearing a bikini on vacation prompted them to denounce her as being "fat." "To all girls with butts, boobs, hips, and a waist, put on a bikini -- put it on and stay strong," she wrote at the time. Ten weeks later, she popped up on the cover of Us Weekly nearly 20 pounds thinner, generating even more chatter.

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