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Personal Best: Jordana Brewster

The 'Dallas' and 'Fast & Furious' star shares her healthy living secrets.


What about when you're on set -- what do you stash in your set trailer?

"I pack a lunch box and put an ice pack in it -- I make my own breakfast or lunch every day -- like a kid going to school. I prep the day before because it makes things easier. Sometimes I mix plain oats, yogurt, strawberries, and stevia, and let that sit overnight. It's yummy, like porridge. I might take the pizza I mentioned above."

What does a perfect day look like for you, when you have no place to be and no calls to return?

"It varies. On a really rainy day I like to go to the movies alone -- documentaries. I might see a friend for coffee -- it's so good to connect. I really miss my girlfriends, and that's what's hard about shooting in Dallas. I could spend a mellow night with my husband at our favorite restaurant, just hanging out."

What's your workout regimen like?

"In Los Angeles, I train with Harley Pasternak. It makes the workout fly by because we're talking the whole time. In Dallas, I work out alone. Today I did ½-hour on the treadmill, then eight sets of 16 reps -- boring. I usually download a podcast to keep my mind engaged as I'm methodically repeating the exercises. My biggest challenge is stretching -- I really just want to get out of the gym, but I know stretching's really important. I use a foam roller to stretch my IT (iliotibial) band."

How do you keep healthy on the road and on the set?

"You have to know how to cook for yourself. I shop at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and if I'm working for 4 days, I'll shop for 5 days of food. The fridge is always stocked so I don't have to go for fast food -- I don't let myself get too hungry."

What three makeup items do you never leave home without when you're traveling?

"I never leave home without eos lip balm (my lips get so dry), baby oil to take makeup off, and Terri Lawton moisturizer."

If you could visit any one place on earth, where would you go and why?

"I'll give you three! India, because I practice Vedic meditation and that originated there. A trip would be spiritually fulfilling. Next, it's Africa, because I love to see what I've never seen before. Then Greece because I'm reading a novel set there, and it sounds so beautiful and rich."

What do you always keep in your purse? 

"I'm addicted to my phone. I keep all-natural hand sanitizer, a bottle of water, and my glasses for driving at night and seeing movies. My dad wears glasses, too."

What's the best life/skin care/fitness/health advice you ever got?

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