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    Q&A With Kristin Davis

    The actress talks about her new TV role and her work to save elephants.


    Is it true that you actually co-owned an L.A. yoga studio in the late '80s?

    "Yup, I did. Although honestly I'm pretty rusty with my yoga these days. Since Gemma, my time for exercise has become more limited. But I have always found it to be tremendously powerful for stress-reducing. It gives you a core strength -- and I mean that in a physical and mental sense."

    What's your fitness routine like?

    "Well, right now because I am back to work on a TV show, I am making a real effort to be in good shape. I do a few kinds of cardio -- mostly I hike in the hills in Los Angeles, and I do the elliptical. I also do some of the Tracy Anderson dance workouts on my own -- mostly her series of arm moves. That workout is intense but crazy effective."

    Have your workouts changed over the years?

    "I've changed how I am moving my body. For instance, I used to do double [indoor cycling] sessions and I had thighs like a body builder to show for it! And then when I started doing more dance-based stuff I really didn't recognize my body -- in a good way."

    What's your best health habit?

    "Going to acupuncture regularly. I've been seeing the same guy once every 2 weeks for almost 20 years. I consider him my most central care provider. I do believe in the circuits of energy that acupuncture is all about, and I can honestly say that every issue I've ever had, acupuncture has helped with. If nothing else, acupuncture forces you to simply take a few moments to lie down and relax, and there's a lot of good in that, too."

    Do you have a health philosophy?

    "It's not particularly sexy but I do think that everything in moderation is the way to go. I've never been into the intense diets or other extreme fads. My body is just too sensitive for that."

    What is your worst health habit?

    "Oh, I love chocolate. I love pizza. Cookies. Ice cream. I kind of hate salad. Left to my own devices, I would eat like a 10-year-old kid. At work when it's late and there's pizza, it's all over."

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