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    Q&A With Kristin Davis

    The actress talks about her new TV role and her work to save elephants.


    How are you handling the work-motherhood-life balance?

    "It's such a challenge, but after putting in 100-hour weeks on Sex & The City, this is comparatively easy. But I am lucky that I work 4 days a week and we have 3 weeks on and 1 week off."

    Do you get frustrated by how closely identified you still are with the character Charlotte from SATC?
    "Oh no, never. I loved playing Charlotte! And I am used to it -- people see me and they just can't help it. Once, at the doctor's office, the nurse called my name -- holding my chart in her hand -- but said 'Charlotte.' I get it, I really do."

    How is playing the role of the high-strung busybody Ginny on Bad Teacher?

    "I have to be honest -- at first it's a pain to play such an uptight role. She is just so tightly wound! But it's getting more and more fun, I'm finding, and I love that people enjoy watching her!"

    Do you find aging in Hollywood to be a challenge?

    "I don't think it's all that different than aging anywhere else in America. You can feel scrutinized anywhere. I think it's way better than it used to be -- people used to just drop off the map after a certain age. Besides, I feel about 21 inside. And I am proud of my age. I never want to be someone who won't 'admit' my age. If you do that you miss out on the power of being the age you are. I'm happy to claim where I'm at. I am a grown woman and I am successful. If I don't claim my greatness, who will?"

    What have you learned in the last decade?

    "Well, I certainly look back at when I was 40 and see how great I looked -- but of course I don't think I totally thought that at the time. But I now really understand that there's nothing better than living well. I am super-healthy and I feel so much younger than I am. I've lived a great life and I'm happy."

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