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Melanie Brown Sings the Joys of Motherhood

Former Spice Girl Mel B has a new musical, a new album and, most importantly, a new baby on the way.

'With the Second and Third Baby…You're More Relaxed' continued...

While many women are feeling the pressure to embrace more natural birth options, Brown is content to take the comfortable route and isn't afraid to say so. "I experienced a lot of pain with my first delivery 12 years ago, so I'm going to opt for as little pain as possible and have an epidural."

The same goes for breastfeeding. If she can do it, as she did with her first two babies, great. If not, well, life will go on. "It is extra-special to breastfeed and it is really healthy [for the baby], but not every woman can do it. I hope I'm able to, but if you can't you can still get that connection by feeding your baby with a bottle. It's not as intimate, but you can still get that bonding."

'Viva Forever'

As for what's next: In addition to prepping the nursery and preparing for her trip Down Under, Brown's working on her third solo album. "I like to stay creative," she says. "I like working." She's also looking forward to the debut of the Spice Girls' Broadway musical, Viva Forever, which will feature many of the group's songs.

For now, appreciating the moment is front and center. The mere state of being pregnant brings her great happiness. "Simply being able to have a baby growing inside you, to feel all that joy and the flickerin' and the kickin' ... you're able to really wrap your head around how great Mother Nature can actually be," she says fondly. 

Mel B's Top 5 Tips for Enjoying Pregnancy

Write it down. "Keep a diary and try to enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible," says Brown, who's kept a journal since she was young. "You won't believe how quickly the time goes."

Wear vibrant colors and comfy dresses. "Bright colors just set your day off [right] and make you feel a little more relaxed and a little happier," says the impeccably posh fashionista. "I've also been living in these silky, flowy dresses from [Danish designer] Charlotte Sparre that are just perfect for being pregnant."

Relax about workouts. Missing a few sweat sessions doesn't mean you'll be cursed with a post-baby bod forever. "Because I'm not working out during my pregnancy, I can't wait to do it," says Brown. "Once the baby is born, I've got the baby into a routine, and my body is somewhat back into sync, I'll get right back on that running machine."

Keep your due date on the down-low. To dodge future stress, keep your baby's due date quiet. "I don't like to put dates out there because there is so much pressure leading up to it," says Brown. "And then, if you're overdue, there's the whole stress of having to say you're five days overdue or you're a week overdue ... and that can get really frightening."

Carve out couch time. While Brown is often busy running to meetings and carting around the kids, she also spends many evenings with her feet propped up in front of the TV. "I think it's important to have the best of both worlds [while you're pregnant]," she says. "If you work during the week, make sure to relax on the weekends."

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Reviewed on July 14, 2011

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