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Q&A With Jessica Alba

The actress and mother talks about living -- and writing -- "The Honest Life."


"Maybe my grandmother. Everything was homemade and upcycled. She was like, 'I lived through the Depression. This is called survival.' She always had such a great way to glamorize it all, too. She was very creative in the way she reused things. If a shoelace was broken on one shoe, then she'd use the other shoelace as a ribbon for my ponytail. And it was cute!'

Did having children change your relationship with your own body?

"Oh, for sure. I didn't really have a relationship with my sexuality at all before I had kids. Not a fully comfortable, confident relationship with it. I was always ashamed or embarrassed or didn't know what to do with it. I was just kind of, like I'd rather just wear baggy clothes or all black. I found my groove as a woman after having them!

"I didn't even realize that I had a cute figure before. I wouldn't change anything at all. I love the way it all has fallen into place. I've done some interviews and the way they worded it was -- I'll never be that 90-pound hardbody, or whatever, but the thing is I never want to be that. I never cared to be that. I care to be who I am and I love what's happened. Now, I wear short skirts once in a while, don't know how much longer I can do that, but I'll wear sexy clothes when I go on a date."

What three things are always in your purse?

"My wallet, my phone, and usually hand sanitizer. We have a little purse-sized one, just because it's so handy. The kids do put their hands on everything. And usually ChapStick, too."

What does a perfect day off look like?

"I'd probably take the girls for a hike. We live near a nature preserve, and we'd go hiking and have a picnic. We have this ridiculous double stroller that's way too heavy, and on the long parts of walks Honor will sit in there. There's also a little duck pond and you're not supposed to feed the ducks but we break the rules. And there are turtles!"

What music do you have to have when you work out?

"Hip-hop. Like Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West. I did a hip-hop dance movie when I was 20 and I still love it!"

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Reviewed on December 15, 2012

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