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    Q&A With Regina Hall

    Q&A With Regina Hall continued...

    Do you have a personal health philosophy?

    "A healthy balance. I eat good stuff and bad stuff, but I try to eat more good stuff. I think people don't realize that your body tells you what it really likes -- what makes it feel good and work at an optimum level. I love raw shakes. If I'm lazy, I go to Pressed Juicery. If I make it myself -- I have a Vitamix -- I'll do kale and coconut water with maybe some spirulina, a couple of berries, ginger. I make it up as I go along."

    What's your best health habit?

    "I have a few rituals. Water -- lots of water. That's my go-to. I think water flushes out toxins and it's good for your skin. I also take a lot of oils: olive oil, omega oils, borage oil. I like to do it in liquid form. Oh, and my probiotics. I really try to remember those."

    What's your worst health habit?

    "French fries and chips. I am one big piece of salt. It's terrible for cellulite. I'm like, 'That explains a lot!' I love anyone's fries, but I do love McDonald's fries. When you get them from a place that makes them just right, I mean, it's just wrong!"

    You decided to buy a house and renovate it in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley. Why the move?

    "In L.A., there's so much traffic. And the whole feeling of Hollywood -- sometimes I don't want to think of the business. Instead of living closer to Hollywood or in the center of things, I live in Tarzana. When I go home, it's like my brain can really de-clutter."

    What health habits were most helpful when you filmed Think Like a Man Too?

    "The whole thing took place in Vegas! It's easy to be healthy in certain cities -- L.A. is so easy -- but in certain cities it's harder. I can't say that was my healthiest point. I struggled just to stay good. But I still had all my water."

    Your dog, Zeus, is on a raw food diet. Why?

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