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    Sheryl Crow Adds Healthy Living to Her Repertoire

    After a traumatic year, the singer-songwriter is making music, raising a son, and learning the art of balance.

    Sheryl Crow on the environment continued...

    “We have to educate ourselves,” she says. “Find out what affects us in our daily lives, from the foods we eat to cleaning products around the home. … I only feed Wyatt organic food. I use earth-friendly cleaning products and drink water that’s filtered. No bottles -- it’s such a waste, all that plastic. … We as consumers must become conscious of our daily decisions; it’s consumerism that endangers the environment.”

    One website she uses frequently is Healthy Child Healthy World (, an editorial partner with WebMD). “It’s a great place to get ideas for daily living,” Crow says, “to live a greener life.” She even contributed a page to the organization’s 2008 book, Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home, writing about the hope and resilience children bring to such problems as global warming. “Kids are so acutely aware and smart; they will be the ones to motivate us, their parents, to change,” says Crow.


    Sheryl Crow on healthy living

    As for her famously fit body, Crow monitors everything that goes into it. “I eat chicken, fish, occasional red meat, loads of vegetables, plus lots of omega-3s and antioxidants.” She also gives thanks to her own DNA. “I’m genetically blessed. My mom has wonderful skin. And I take care of myself. I get up and meditate. ... I’ll work out on the elliptical machine and do core [abdominal] work. I used to run, but now it’s just too hard on my knees. So I’ll do Pilates or yoga instead.”

    For a woman who looks not merely years but even decades younger than most women pushing 50, does aging scare her? “Not particularly,” she answers. “Certain things have changed with getting older, like not being able to run like I used to. But when I look in the mirror, I try to embrace those things and find the value in what I can do now. It has so much to do with attitude.”

    Crow also believes in finding balance, now that she’s juggling a megawatt career with play dates and preschool applications. “I take care of my health,” she says. “Sleeping is major for me. Meditating creates space in my life. I know how to say ‘no’ now, and move on. I listen to my body … and I don’t work as hard as I used to.

    “There are certain choices I make,” Crow adds. “And I choose quality of life. Every time.”

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