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    Soul Surfer: Bethany Hamilton on Health, Happiness, and Inspiration

    The surfing champ tells WebMD about her healthy lifestyle, her dreams, and what it's like seeing her story portrayed on the big screen.


    What is your favorite part of your body?

    I don't know! I guess I like my smile. 

    Are you excited about seeing your story on the big screen?

    Yes! I just saw the final finished product and it turned out amazing. It's really inspirational and something I hope people can relate to if they're going through a hard time. And for people who haven't been around the ocean much, you really experience the power and the beauty of it. 

    Other than surfing, do you do other kinds of exercise?

    I'll run maybe a couple times a week for 40 minutes to get my heart rate up, and I like to go on hikes with my dog. I like to play tennis, too. I'm not that good, but I'm working on it! 

    If you had to lose one sense -- sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste -- what would you choose? 

    I could probably go without smell. Even though I love the smell of roses, and when you're cooking garlic. But if I had to choose… 

    Do you have any physical goals you want to reach but haven't?

    I'm kind of just constantly trying to better my own personal health. I'd like to have a little more flexibility. I stretch a bit, but there are certain parts of me that aren't that flexible and I'd like to work on that.  

    Are you scared of sharks now?

    I'm not that scared, actually. There are certain times when the water is murky or brown and no one is out on the ocean with me that it can get kind of eerie. But for the most part I'm fine.

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    Reviewed on March 03, 2011

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