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Taylor Swift's Rules for Healthy Living

The chart-topping singer-songwriter talks about how diet, exercise, and writing help her stay happy and balanced.

The Importance of Giving Back continued...

"I really do factor that into the decisions I make," she says, "And it's always a huge part of my thought process. In the last two years while I've been on my first headlining tours, I look into the crowd and I see all of these faces, and some of them are little. I remember when I was that age, and the choices that my favorite singers were making really mattered to me. I can't block that out, and I don't want to." 

Swift is also cognizant of helping those in need and is a generous donor to groups like the American Red Cross. "My contributions hit me like my song ideas," she says. "It's just a gut feeling about who needs help, whether it's a flood in Nashville or a town that I'm in that has had some horrible tragedy or a letter I get from a family. Giving back like that makes you feel so incredible." She believes the amount of time or money given is unimportant: "If you have the opportunity to put something good into the world, that only does good for your own life."

Swift's Secrets to Happiness

As far as she's concerned, Swift is already living her ideal life. She's made forays into acting, appearing on a CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode on CBS and in the movie Valentine's Day. She is celebrated for her style and beauty in fashion magazines. But she insists that her driving passion is and always will be songwriting. 

"If I go more than nine days without writing a song, I get really antsy," she says. "But I think the stress causes me to search my mind and helps me write. It starts with an idea that hits me at the most inconvenient time, like in the middle of a conversation or in the middle of the night, and my friends have gotten used to a glazed look coming into my eyes. Then I need to grab my phone and record a voice memo or a melody and lyrics. You never know what it will be!" 

(As it turns out, writing is actually good for your mental health. Want to learn more? Read our sidebar on The Benefits of Journal Writing below.)

The element of surprise is something Swift embraces, as long as the result is songs that move her and her fans and she can continue to retreat to the security of close friends and family to reconnect with herself. 

"I always try to see what makes me most comfortable and happy," she says. "Because right now, to have happiness, that's the main priority."

Taylor's Tips for Healthy Living On the Road

"Health is a big part of being happy," says Swift, who is committed to keeping herself in great shape physically and mentally even when she's touring. Here are her rules of the road: 

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