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    Q&A With Tia & Tamera

    The reality TV stars share tips for balancing work, motherhood, and sibling rivalry.


    Tamera, on a recent episode of Tia & Tamera, you pose the question, "Can I be a mommy and still be sexy?" What's the answer?

    Tamera: Of course you can! For me, I have to adjust and make the transition. You find yourself as a new mom in the third month [after giving birth] and still dressed in your PJs. I'm not as fazed as I was before. I've learned to make quick fixes to my makeup, and to walk in high heels again. My being a mom has intensified my sexiness. My husband says I'm the sexiest I've ever been!

    Are Cree and Aden best friends?

    Tia: Cree loves his cousin. To see them connect almost brings tears to my eyes.

    Tamera: Oh, yes. They are so beautiful together.

    Growing up and now working with a twin sister means constant together time -- and occasional clashes. Any sibling rivalry?

    Tia: When we were younger there was tons of it. Twins are supposed to be alike, but we've always had different points of view: marriage, life, religion, politics, everything. Now that we're in our thirties we've learned to appreciate our differences. We're human; of course sometimes you get offended. But through counseling and understanding dynamics, as you see on our show, [you learn] it's natural to be competitive.

    Tamera: I'd be lying if I said we never had any. But I can count on one hand how many times we had a real fight. What helps is respect. Respect that we're different people. If others just used that in their everyday life, we'd all be better off. The world is beautiful because of our diversity.

    How do you each strike a balance between work and home life? Any tips for new moms?

    Tamera: I was a stay-at-home mom for 4 months. It's such a precious and hard job. Being out of [paid] work, it takes it to a whole other level. Now you're working 24-7!

    Tia: The first step is to realize things are never going to be perfect. I prioritize and take one hour at a time. If I look too far ahead I get overwhelmed. The key is to focus. Also, it's OK to be selfish and to make yourself happy. If that means putting flowers in your room, do that. If it's a mani-pedi, or taking a bath with lit candles, do that.

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