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    Q&A With Tia & Tamera

    The reality TV stars share tips for balancing work, motherhood, and sibling rivalry.


    Tamera: Mother's guilt is real. So, one: Breathe through it all. Two: Be OK with not getting everything done. And take care of yourself. When I take good care of myself I'm a better mom.

    Do you find time to exercise?

    Tia: Every Tuesday and Thursday I work out at 7:30 a.m. I do it for myself.

    Tamera: That is the biggest challenge ever. You have to make time. You don't want to do it. But that workout counts as "me" time. You never want to work out, but you never complain after. You have more energy.

    How have you shed the baby weight, Tamera?

    Tamera: We eat all organic, mostly protein, some vegetables, a little starch. Good carbs, like fruits. Very little dairy or sugar. I've lost 40 pounds of my baby weight. I believe in moderation; you can't cut out everything. We're foodies! I love cheese; I could live off it. But everything in moderation. I love apples with almond butter as a healthy snack.

    How has motherhood changed you?

    Tia: It's given me a new lease on life. I never realized before how fixated I was on myself. It's not like that's empty, but now that I've had a child, he's given me so much purpose, depth, and meaning in my life. I do everything for my son. I've learned to embrace the simple things. He motivates me like no other, makes me a better person, and gives me so much joy.

    Tamera: I'm more relaxed. I was a control freak. Having a baby teaches you patience. It teaches what not to do when you're stressed. Now I'm OK with the unknown. I can let it go. You can't control everything about your baby. You can prepare, but that's it. I have never been so present before in my life. Because I don't want to miss anything!

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    Reviewed on August 12, 2013

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