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    Top 10 Blog Posts of 2008: Readers' Choice

    Here are the 10 most viewed blog posts of the year.

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    Is everything OK down there? Could what happened to Heath Ledger happen to me? What are the signs of dry drowning? WebMD's expert bloggers took on some of the year's toughest issues and our readers responded.

    Those topics are among the most viewed blog posts on WebMD for 2008.

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    Old Symptoms, New Risks

    By Meryl Davids Landau   When you were in your 20s and 30s, you probably ignored random aches or other minor physical annoyances, and they usually went away. But now those symptoms can come back — often with a different cause, and calling for more serious attention.

    Read the Old Symptoms, New Risks article > >

    1. What Are Those Little White Bumps?
    2. My Ultrasound Found an Ovarian Cyst
    3. Statins and Muscle Pain
    4. 6 Minutes to a Sharper Memory
    5. Vaginal Discharge: Normal or Not?
    6. Heath Ledger's Tragedy: Can You OD on Sleeping Pills?
    7. Penis Enlargement: Myths and Facts
    8. Madonna Turns 50 - Looks Like 40; How Anyone Can Look 10 Years Younger
    9. Can Light Bulbs Stimulate Migraines?
    10. Dry Drowning: Invisible Tragedy

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