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Energy Boost #5: Take 5 and meditate continued...

"A three-minute meditation is a way to calm yourself down and stop rushing," she says. "You can replenish yourself. You can take control of your energy."

Orloff suggests getting the day off to a positive start with a mini-meditation while you're still in bed, then continuing with short meditation breaks throughout the day. Any quiet place in your home or office will do, Orloff says. You can even use the office bathroom for an instant energy boost.

"Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths," Orloff says. "Begin to relax your body. When thoughts come, think of them like clouds in the sky. Let them float by. Visualize a positive thing: a sunset, the beach in Hawaii."

Energy Boost #6: Ditch the energy vampires

To increase the amount of energy in your life long-term, experts suggest surrounding yourself with positive people whenever possible. Of course, you can't always avoid some negative people, like a moody boss or that complaining grocery clerk who always seems to be the one who checks you out.

But negative people can do more than bring down your mood, says Orloff. Some people can make you feel so stressed in their presence that they cause a stress reaction in your body. Orloff terms them "energy vampires." And stress is the biggest energy drain of all. "Stress like that burns out the adrenals," Orloff says, "and when the adrenals are burned out you have no energy."

Not sure if someone's negative enough to affect your energy levels? Analyze how you feel in their presence, Orloff says. If, after a few minutes together, you feel like you want to take a nap, or if your energy suddenly bottoms out, that's a telling sign. If someone really makes you tense, you may even find yourself feeling nauseous or dizzy or notice a headache coming on. "Emotions are catching," she says.

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