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Designing Your Home for Comfort, Health, and Safety

From Bath to Spa

Slideshow: From Bath to Spa

10 ideas that can transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat, from quick fixes to more major improvements.

Where Could Your Home Have Health & Safety Problems?

Surprisingly Dirty Places in Your Home
What are the germiest places in your house? You may be surprised. Here's how to keep them clean.
What Should You Test For Before Buying a Home?
Radon, mold, bad wiring -- how can you find out what problems a home might have before you buy? Here's tips, tests to perform, and information on how to find inspectors.
Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality
Having a bad air day? These 3 steps will help get rid of common irritants and clean up your indoor air quality.
Make Your Home Safe When You Have Limited Mobility
Avoid falls, slips, and other safety pitfalls in your home. How can you make your house safe when you or a loved one has trouble getting around?
Your Guide to Grilling Safely
Make your next picnic or barbecue healthy and safe for everyone. Get tips on healthy and safe grilling.
Dry Indoor Air During Cold Weather
Baby, it’s dry inside! Tips on managing dry indoor air during the winter months.

Protecting Your Home and Family From Common Dangers

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