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    Easy Ways to Get More Closet Space

    Declutter continued...

    Kimberly Beyer, a professional organizer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, agrees. Beyer often has to press her clients to get rid of clothing that doesn't fit them anymore. "Our bodies change with time, and a lot of people who've lost or gained weight hang on to clothes for years in case they someday fit again," says Beyer. "I tell clients, 'If an item of clothing hasn't fit for a year or more, you're probably never going to wear it. If you used to be a size two and now you're a size eight, you're probably not going back there. And if you used to be a size sixteen and now you're an eight, you don't want to go back there!'"

    Beyer also recommends getting rid of miscellaneous hangers. "If you hang all your clothes on the same type of hanger, it streamlines your closet and makes it easier to find what you're looking for," she points out. Beyer recommends felt-covered hangers, which are thin and lightweight. Plus, the felt prevents clothing from sliding off onto the floor.

    Store Clothes That Are Off-Season

    Make more space in your closet by putting away clothes and shoes that you won't use until the weather changes. You can buy containers for storage, or use cardboard boxes if you're on a tight budget (cover them with wrapping paper if you want to brighten them up). Pack sweaters, purses, and shoes in separate containers and label them clearly so you can easily find what you're looking for when the temperature changes. Storage boxes can be placed out of the way on a high closet shelf, or out of sight under your bed.

    Make the Most of the Space You Have

    Now that you've purged your closet of items you never wear and put away off-season clothing, you should have more space to work with, and it's important to make the most of it.

    An easy way to do this is to add a second closet rod. These rods, available at many hardware and storage stores, hang from the original rod, and extend partway across the closet so you can double the space you have to hang shorter items, like blouses and slacks.

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