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Easy Ways to Get More Closet Space

Shelf Dividers

These dividers attach to existing shelves and are easy to install. They don't actually create more space but they'll add to the order in your closet, which creates a feeling of spaciousness. The dividers allow you to store scarves, sweaters, hats, and extra purses in separate sections on your shelves, so they don't topple over on each other and create an avalanche.

When All Else Fails, Call In the Pros

If the mere thought of tackling your closet overwhelms you, you may need to consult an expert, and that's where professional organizers like Beyer come in.

"Some people just can't do it themselves," says Beyer. "There's nothing wrong with them, they just can't get their head around their organizational problems. Since I don't have the same attachment to their things that they do, it's easy for me to give them a hand."

Beyer adds that for some people, simply having another person there makes the job easier. "Other clients need my help because they can't envision a different design for their closet, and I help by offering a fresh eye and new ideas," she says.

Beyer always reminds clients that creating more closet space isn't a one-time job. "It's an ongoing project," she says. "Your life and your needs and interests are going to change and in six months or a year, you are probably going to have to do it all over again." 

To find a professional organizer in your area, contact the National Organization of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

Reviewed on January 14, 2010
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