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    Over-the-counter pain medications and sleeping pills are helping with my insomnia. Should I still see a doctor?

    American Pharmacists Association

    I would definitely recommend seeing a doctor or a health care provider. One of the common causes of insomnia is pain, and we all are realizing now that your level of pain is different than my level of pain, and that could be the cause of it.

    The other thing is, what pain pills are you taking? Are you taking a lot of acetaminophen or Tylenol? Are you are also taking Motrin or ibuprofen?

    What other sleep aids are you taking on top of that? Do you realize that Tylenol PM has Tylenol in it on top of all these acetaminophen you could be taking? So we want to make sure that the health care provider or doctor is aware of this situation. The pharmacist needs to be aware of this situation in case you are taking any prescription medications on top of it, and your pain really needs to be assessed. Even though you say you're doing OK, there are some prescription medications, or you may have to go to physical therapy, which could be better options and you may not have to rely on so many medications.