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    Making the Most of Your Appointment - Topic Overview

    What is the reason for your appointment?

    During your appointment, you will need to answer some important questions so that you and your doctor can plan your care together. Completing the appropriate forms before the appointment helps you provide correct and complete information, take an active role in your health care decisions, and make the most of your limited appointment time.

    Choose the form that best describes your reason for seeing the doctor.

    Helpful forms
    Reason for appointment Form to complete

    A new problem or symptom

    Appointment for a New Problem (What is a PDF document?)

    Follow-up to a previous problem

    Follow-Up Appointment (What is a PDF document?)

    First appointment with this doctor

    First Appointment (What is a PDF document?)

    Your Family Medical History (What is a PDF document?)

    Appointment for an ongoing health problem

    Regular Checkup for a Lifelong Condition (What is a PDF document?)

    Appointment for a child who is healthy

    Regular Checkup for a Child (What is a PDF document?)

    Do you take medicines?

    If you take prescription or over-the-counter medicines, including herbal remedies or vitamins, bring all your medicines with you to any appointment with a doctor. If you cannot bring the medicines, bring a list of the medicines that you take(What is a PDF document?).

    You might also bring a copy of your daily medicine schedule(What is a PDF document?). Your doctor can review the best times of the day to take each medicine and prevent unwanted side effects or interactions between drugs, supplements, or over-the-counter medicine.

    What other forms might be helpful?

    If you and your doctor are going to discuss a new medicine, medical test, surgery, or special treatment, choose a form from the following list. Then fill in your information, and take the form with you to your visit. Completing the form will help you understand the importance of the treatment your doctor is advising for your health condition. If you do not have the form at the time of your visit, complete the form at home after the visit.

    Also, bring a copy of your health plan's list of covered prescription drugs. This list is also known as a formulary.

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