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    Embolization Effective for Fibroids

    Most Patients Satisfied With Treatment

    The EMMY Findings continued...

    During two years of follow-up, no significant differences in health-related quality of life were reported among the two treatment groups. Nine out of 10 patients in both groups reported being at least moderately satisfied with the treatment they received.

    However, 24% of women who had undergone embolization did end up having hysterectomies.

    Georgetown University interventional radiologist James B. Spies, MD, tells WebMD that the UAE failure rate was higher in the EMMY study than in many others.

    In Spies' own UAE study involving 200 patients, the symptom-recurrence rate was still 20% with the nonsurgical treatment five years after treatment.

    Spies says UAE has proven to be as effective as any uterus-sparing treatment, including myomectomy, for the long-term relief of symptoms related to fibroids.

    "Women now have a choice, and they can weigh the factors that are most important to them before making a decision about treatment," he says.

    Another UAE researcher tells WebMD that myomectomy offers the best chance of preserving fertility, while hysterectomy is the best choice for patients who aren't concerned about fertility, recovery time, or surgical complications and want to make sure their fibroids don't come back.

    "Obviously, there is no re-treatment after hysterectomy because once the uterus is gone, it's gone," Scott C. Goodwin, MD, of the University of California, Irvine, tells WebMD. "But UAE has been proven very effective for women who want a shorter recovery time with fewer treatment-related complications."

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