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    Vaginal Self-Examination (VSE)

    How It Feels

    Relax your pelvic and belly muscles as much as you can during the vaginal self-examination. You should have little or no discomfort from the examination, unless you have a vaginal infection or an open sore.


    Normally, there are no problems from doing a vaginal self-examination.


    A vaginal self-examination is a way for a woman to look at her vulva camera.gif and vagina. You should tell your doctor about any problems you find.

    Vaginal self-examination

    The vulva does not have sores or other growths, such as genital warts.

    The vaginal walls are reddish pink and have folds or ridges. No sores or growths are present.

    Normal discharge is clear and thin or white and creamy. The discharge does not have a bad odor, is not bloody, and does not look like curds (cottage cheese).


    Sores or rough, raised spots on the skin (such as genital warts) may be present. Redness and itching of the labia may mean an irritation (from feminine products or sexual activity) or infection (such as genital herpes or another sexually transmitted infection) is present.

    Vaginal discharge that has a bad odor may mean an infection such as trichomoniasis is present. Discharge that looks like curds may mean a vaginal yeast infection is present.

    What Affects the Test

    Reasons you may not be able to do a vaginal self-examination include:

    • You are having a menstrual period.
    • You douched or used vaginal products before the self-examination.

    What To Think About

    Other Works Consulted

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