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  1. Obesity and Diet Pills

    Our expert discusses obesity and diet pills.

  2. Infants and Laxatives

    Are there any safe laxatives for infants?

  3. Food After Prescription Meds

    Can you eat right after taking prescription meds?

  4. Tylenol PM as a Sleep Aid

    Is it OK to use Tylenol PM as a sleep aid?

  5. Pain Meds and Shelf Life

    Do expiration dates apply to opened bottles of nitroglycerin pills?

  6. Pregnancy and Heartburn Medications

    Are there any safe heartburn or acid reflux medications for pregnant women?

  7. Vitamin D for MS

    How much Vitamin D is recommended for people with MS?

  8. Pain Medications

    Are you taking too many pain medications?

  9. Cold or Allergy?

    Understanding the difference between cold and allergy symptoms.

  10. Pneumonia Vaccine

    Do you need to get the Pneumonia Vaccine?

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