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The Best Years of Your Life

Ask your sister, your best friend, your mom: The best years of your life start now. Join us as we count the ways!

2 To-Do Lists for Women Over 50

Minding Mind & Body

From fitness to fashion, it's time to rethink your personal priorities.

Professional Power

Is it time for a raise? New career goals? Boosting retirement savings?

4 Tips for Health & Beauty -- Inside and Out

Tips for Natural Beauty
Any time's a good time to focus on high-quality skin and hair care. Brush up on quick tips that can help you look and feel great -- naturally.
Tips for Staying Active
Keeping fit while having fun: it's possible to do both! Ready to focus on boosting your body's well-being? We've got the hints to help.
Tips for Eating Well
The benefits of a healthy diet are timeless. Get the most from the foods you eat: These tips on vitamins, antioxidants and fiber show you how.
Tips for Life and Balance
A balanced life: It's a combination of things specific just to you. Goals. Work. Happiness. Family and friends. Are you where you want to be?
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50 Great Things About Women Over 50

  1. 1.You speak your mind, and do what you want.
  2. 2.You don't worry about getting pregnant - at last!
  3. 3.You know that everything is just a "little" thing.
  4. 4.The #1 relationship in your life is with yourself.

The best thing about being 50 is: