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    Happy hours, birthday parties, weddings, and special dinners are too good to miss out on. You want to be there with your friends and family, ready to have a good time.

    And then you see it: the dessert table. Or the cocktail list. Or the picnic basket full of rolls. Are you going to have to sit this one out because you have diabetes?

    Absolutely not! You can still have fun and indulge a bit. You just need to follow a few simple guidelines.

    Skip These 2 Common Mistakes

    You overdo the sugar-free foods. This might seem like a smart way to get around the sugar issue. But remember, diabetes isn't just about the sweet stuff. It's about all your carbs. Sugar-free fare can still have carbohydrates (and calories). And you might be more satisfied with a little bit of the real thing, instead of the no-sugar version.

    You bank the day's carbohydrates to save them for a splurge on sweets at a celebration. If you skimp at breakfast and lunch, though, you may get low blood sugar. And then when you finally do eat later, you may get more carbohydrates than your body can process at one time, and your blood sugar soars.

    Do These 6 Things Instead

    Decide when. Look at your calendar and decide which events are the worthiest of a treat. This will give you a better idea of when you want to indulge. When you choose, it can help you curb your impulse to dig in on a whim.

    For instance, you might love cotton candy at a fair, so you skip having a huge pretzel at the game later that weekend.

    Be choosy. Make a list of your favorite treats, whether it's a drink with your pals at happy hour, tiramisu at a baby shower, or a croissant for brunch at your favorite bakery. Make those your priorities, so you don't waste calories or carbs on things you don't like as much. Try to keep track of about how many grams of carbs each contains. You might be surprised. Certain foods like icing, honey, and molasses have more carbs than you'd expect.