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    Build Your Bedding

    Sheets, comforters, and your mattress can all affect the way you sleep. Be choosy when you shop.

    A breathable fabric like cotton for sheets can help you stay cool through the night. Other fabrics can wick away sweat during warmer seasons. You may also want to have a thinner comforter when the seasons heat up and a thick and toasty one for winter.

    Your mattress should support you and feel good. The same is true for pillows. Replace them when they become lumpy or lose their original shape.

    Make Your Bed

    This simple morning chore pays off. A clean, well-kept bed can have a psychological effect on the way you sleep. A National Sleep Foundation poll found that people who made their beds in the morning were 19% more likely to sleep well every night.

    Banish Chaos

    Your super-long day is finally over, and then you walk into your bedroom. What’s your gut reaction: "Ah, at last!" or "Oh no!"

    A messy bedroom makes some people feel stressed. So try to keep your bedroom orderly and neat so you can relax more at night.

    Likewise, your bedroom isn’t the place to multitask. You want a calm atmosphere in your bedroom that makes rest irresistible. Work, read, pay bills, and do other tasks in another room. Remove distractions, such as a TV, so you’re not tempted.

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